”Balon Mundial – Migrant communities world cup”, born in 2007, is a project that promotes the integration of the foreign citizens living in Turin and all over the region Piemonte through the sport activity. Balon Mundial consists in a football tournament, based on the ”World Cup” structure, divided in two sections: the one for male’s, 11-players teams and the other intended for female’s, 5-players teams. Other events, as live-played music or national food pavillons, are present during the day-line matches.

”Balon Mundial” has reached his 10th edition and still represents a unique space in the all country and also an occasion in which Turin meets the migrant’s sport and the different cultures of the communities partecipating. The past editions have been so succesfull that the increasing number of the team taking part in ”Balon Mundial” has gave birth to new relationship between the different communities (incluted the citizens one). In fact, the number of players and audicence has always increased since the first edition of ”Balon Mundial”.

Thanks to this raise of team’s, the 2016’s edition has had a qualify.phase in 4-5th June: it has been done to permit partecipating to all the teams. According to the rules, in fact, the final phase expects 32 male and 14 female teams.

As in the previous edition, there will be no costs to be paid to partecipate and sportive kits will be avaible for the teams (when it is possible). The aim is obviously the partecipation of communities that are too often disqualified from sport competition due to economical reasons.

”Balon Mundial – Migrant communities world cup” is the event that better represents ASD Balon Mundial ONLUS, its ideas and aimes of communication.

Transaled by Yuri Caridi


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